Who’s That Girl


Who’s That Girl ?

From radio show presenter to her own TV show! Vanessa Cruickshank delved deep into her own personal life, touching difficult subjects to bring you “Tell Vanessa”, A show where current affairs meets reality talk. Vanessa is no ordinary woman with a degree in management, a  masters in social policy and social work and to top it all of an MBA, you’ll think she’d stop there with all that under her belt but this out-going woman keeps pushing forward to achieve more than she possible could.

From childhood, she has always been an entertainer; gathering her family as her audiences and getting her sibling, friends and cousins to put on show.

“Me and Nicola were always her backup dancers or singers. She choreographed everything and make us practice until she felt we were ready” -Leonie Gordon (leoniegordan.com -cousin).

Being an entertainer has never been a problem for Vanessa, from young she enjoyed singing dancing and acting, staring in her school plays and even joined a local drama group.

So not only does she have the entertainment and smart genes, she is also a thriving business woman who managed an event company where she hosted parties and singles events to name a few; a Spa in Teddington, and a property business which she still runs within her busy schedule.

I have watched this woman  work hard on set, producing and presenting…… so when people ask me ‘who’s that girl’ I tell them, This Is Vanessa Cruickshank


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