Darren Lucas


Darren is a TV & Radio Presenter, Voiceover artist and Director. From 2001 he began his venture staging & showcases for unsigned bands across the UK, which were held at London’s "hard rock cafe". In 2008 he founded his own small TV production called "Dirty Media" were he produce and direct music videos and showcase events across Europe. Now he focusses is to continue to Present and direct but most importantly to make great Television.

Darren Lucas

( Director )

Other Testimonials

Penny is undertaking an Assistant Producer Internship with the Tell Vanessa team. She has a Bachelors degree in Geography and Economics and has a strong passion for a career in television. She is extremely enthusiastic to be involved in the production of such an amazing show.

Penny Moore

( Production )

Fabio is passionate about photography. He commits himself as a volunteer photographer to build his portfolio. He was involved in the London Collection Man photography and London Fashion Week, where he took picture, backstage and on the catwalk. His dream has been always to travelling, going as far as Australia but since discovering photography, his actual dream, he decided to become a professional photographer for fashion and cinema.

Fabio Piazza

( Photography )
Polly photo

' Polly is an editor on the Tell Vanessa team and is currently studying for a Masters degree in Postproduction at Met Film School. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and is a keen graphic designer. She is very excited to be working on such a fantastic project.'

Polly Hayes

( Editor )

Luke Duffell, a photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, is the Owner & Founder of Again Daddy, providing photography services for any occasion. For more infomation on Luke vist his website :http://www.againdaddy.co.uk/

Luke Duffell

( Photography )

For more Vanessa go to: http://tellvanessa.com/whos-that-girl/

Vanessa Cruickshank

( Presenter / Producer )
20160730-tell vanessa-IMG_2928

With no background of media, Nicola has proved that you can achieve a career and fit your hobbies in, she has shown this by working her way as an assistant director to a co- Director.

Nicola Morgan

( Co-Director )

Andrew is an experienced and professional camera operator and cinematographer, with over 15 years of experience behind the camera. He spent most of his career filming live stage music and dance events, and corporate videos. Andrew has recently expanded into television and film production and is enjoying his recent portfolio expansion including his involvement with the production of Tell Vanessa. (Andrew can be contacted @ info@raptorproductions.co.uk Or https://www.facebook.com/raptorproductionsuk/ )

Andrew Cant

( Head of Cinematography & Lighting )
Tell Vanessa (53 of 111)

An aspiring film maker with high hope and a bright future. Adwoa has come a long way from being a runner on various project to working her way up and assisting the crew to organizes the show, pre, post and throughout production, as the executive assistant on the show.

Adwoa Agyemang

( Executive Assistant )

Viktor is the owner of vbVideo Productions, since the age of 8 he has been interest in photography and videography. His unique work ethic continues to lengthen over his years of experience in which he has provided distinct service to the general public. Covering a wide spectrum of various production needs, Viktor has provided professional services that range from but not limited to TV shows, music videos, film and commercial solutions both locally and internationally.

Viktor Bitto

( Head Editor )

Marian is passionate about photography and film, ever since he bought his first camera he fell in love with the art, he is the founder and owns Art&B Media production and is experienced as a producer, cameraman, photographer and editor with many professional collaborations under his belt, including theatre companies, music bands, communal projects, organizations and creative individuals.

Marian Dragalion

( 2nd Cinematographer )